The Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health expands between two buildings the Science and Technology Center and the Fielding L. Wright Building.

The Science and Technology Center (STC) houses Biology, Bioinformatics, and Environmental Health classrooms, and research laboratories. STC has integrated computer labs that consist of some of the latest computer scientific software (Python, Weka, R, etc.)  available on the first and second floors. Our faculty offices and research laboratories contain some of the most outstanding advance scientific equipment which allows our students to become more competitive in scientific research along with graduate student study facilities.

The two-story complex of Fielding L. Wright (FLW) and the Old Classroom Building (CRB) house the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Computer Information and Services. The CRB part of the building was constructed in 1951 and renovated in 1994-95. The FLW part of the complex was constructed in 1967, occupied in 1969, and renovated in 1995-96. The part of the complex devoted to science instruction and research is 47,506 square feet. A technology support and learning center for the sciences and mathematics majors, faculty-staff lounge/conference room, and storage area are available to the science faculty, staff, and students.

There are five teaching laboratories in FLW shared by Biology and Environmental Health. Research is conducted in faculty research laboratories and the laboratory preparation-research rooms in FLW and STC buildings. Additional research facilities include the greenhouse and the animal holding facility, a photographic darkroom, research ponds, and an outdoor science laboratory. The chemistry program has four teaching laboratories for General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical and Physical Chemistry, and two research laboratories. The physics facility consists of two laboratories combined with outdoor instrumentation for photovoltaic research.