Requirements - Science Education Concentration

Degree Requirements

Each student majoring in departmental programs is expected to complete the following requirements unless written exemption is granted otherwise; the exemptions must bear signature of the assigned advisor and that of the department chairperson. The following is the general guide:

  1. Review academic progress and obtain advisor’s approval of class schedule for subsequent semester/session prior to or during the registration period.
  2. Complete all courses required by the curriculum map in recommended sequence with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.75 with no less than “C” grade in any major course. No more than two non-major science courses may have a passing grade less than “C”.
  3. Participate in all required non-credit student activities such as departmental clubs, field trips, and advisory conferences. Attend regular seminar classes per Banner schedule.
  4. Pass the English Proficiency Examination unless exempted on the basis of superior grades in English courses.
  5. Complete and pass the senior project, internship, and student teaching as required.
  6. Complete a resume and other information sheets for the Career Counseling and Placement Office and provide a copy for the departmental files.
  7. Review academic progress with your academic advisor and make application for graduation in compliance with the University calendar.
  8. Complete all other requirements set by the Department or the University.
  9. Consult with your academic advisor each semester prior to registration on course scheduling, internships, and career planning.