The Goals of the Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health are:

  1. Train students who are well prepared for productive careers and responsible lives in a dynamic society.
  2. Provide opportunities for all students at the University to become proficient in concepts and principles of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health.
  3. Offer baccalaureate and master’s degree curricula in Natural Sciences and Environmental Health.
  4. Prepare  students for advanced  (MS, PhD) study in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Health and Biochemical sciences.
  5. Prepare students for admission to schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, medical technology, physical therapy, and other allied health service professions.
  6. Prepare and train students for employment in natural resources management, public health, occupational safety fields, and in environmental monitoring, regulation, or protection fields.
  7. Develop skills for  students interested in teaching in the STEM areas in secondary schools.