Cancellation Policy

Refund of tuition and required fees will be made after official withdrawal forms are filed on the following basis:

A. Period of Withdrawal (Fall/Spring) Percentage of Refund of Tuition and Fees

        Prior to beginning of class       100%

        During the first two class days of semester       95%

        During the 3-5 class days of semester              75%

        During the 6-8 class days of semester              50%

        During the 9-10 class days of semester            25%

        After the 10th class day of semester                  No Refund (0%)

Period of Withdrawal (Summer Sessions I & II)

Prior to beginning of class   100%

During the first 2 class days of semester   75%

During the 3-5 class days of semester   50%

Withdrawal after the 5th class day    No Refund

B. Refund of Room and Board fees will be based on the date the student leaves the dormitory and files Dormitory Release Form with the Dormitory Director. No Refund of Room and Board will be given after 10th class day of the Fall and Spring Semesters. After the 5th class day of Summer Session, no refund of Room and Board will be given. Refunds will not be made for temporary absence from the dormitory.

C. With the exception of deposits, no refund of special fees will be made.

D. Active duty withdrawals will be processed according to IHL Board Policy on page 83.