Science (SC)

SC 151/152. SURVEY OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE I AND II. The study of the essential biological principles of living organisms, their life processes, phylogenetic classification systems, diversity of different life forms, and their interaction with the non-living components of the environment. For non biology majors. (3)

SC 261/262. SURVEY OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE I AND II. This course examines the main areas of science dealing with the non-living. These areas are chemistry, earth sciences, astronomy, and physics. The course will emphasize the various states of matter, the chemical bases of life, study of celestial bodies, and various physical laws that are universally constant. For non-science majors. (3)

SC 381. PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL SCIENCES. Elucidation of fundamental principles of natural sciences through laboratory exercising familiar materials. Prerequisites: SC 151-152 and SC 261-262 or equivalent upper level courses. (4)

SC 452. METHODS OF TEACHING SCIENCE IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOL.  For students interested in pursuing teaching as a career and for teachers requiring additional college credit. The study of the theory of teaching science to high school students with emphasis on presentation techniques, teaching aids, and exam construction. (3)