Requirements - MS Bioinformatics

Please see the MVSU Graduate Catalog for information on Bioinformatics

Core Requirements

I. Courses (Thesis and Non-Thesis Option)

BF 601 Introduction to Bioinformatics

BF 602 Databases - Mining, Relationships and Programming

BF 603 Design of Experiments

BF 611 Genomics and Genome Technology

BF 612 Algorithms - Design and Analysis

BF 613 Bioinformatics Programming

BF 701 Systems Biology

BF 711 Proteomics

BF 712 Statistical Bioinformatics

Total 27 credit hours

II. Examinations (Thesis and Non-Thesis Option)

Oral Examination
Written Examination

Non-Core Requirements

I. Thesis Option

9 credit hours of thesis research
Thesis Defense

II. Non-Thesis Option

9 credit hours of electives