Office of Student Leadership & Engagement

The purpose of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement is to enhance the academic program of studies and facilitate the overall educational experience of students through the development of and participation in social, cultural, and recreational activities. The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement serves as the major programming agency for student life, and as a resource outlet for student organizations. Student organizations play a key role in programming activities for students. Student Leadership and Engagement offers one of the best opportunities for students to assist with the planning and presentation of activities that will contribute to their intellectual, social, and cultural development through leisure activities. Students’ involvement in extracurricular activities complements the academic experience and challenges them to develop and apply organizational and leadership skills that are useful after college. The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement is considered an extension of the classroom and an important part of the students' education.

The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement serves approximately fifty Registered Student Organizations (RSO),as well as student leaders through advisement, and coordinating and planning activities. These activities include, but are not limited to; Homecoming Comedy Show/Block Party, Concerts, Movie Nights, Mardi Gras Ball/Dance Party, Super Bowl Party, Clubs and Organizations Fair, “Late Nite” Game Night, Karaoke, Open Mic, Coffee House, as well as plays, motivational speakers, seminars and institutes, these are just some of the sponsored activities. An array of tournaments, (i.e., Pool, Spades, and Dominoes), and are held on a bi-weekly basis in the Jacob Aron Student Union Game Room. We also assist with University sponsored events such as New Student Orientation, Homecoming Week, Student Government Association elections, Mr. /Miss MVSU Showcase, and Founder’s Week.