Custodial Services


Our team is divided into three major work groups:  Academic & Administrative, Residential Life, and & Athletics.  While some of our frequencies vary due to legacy schedules, Custodial Services is responsible for the general cleaning of MVSU's buildings on a daily basis and most areas adhere to the following guidelines.  

Staff are routinely responsible for:

  • General cleaning on a daily basis of public areas to include:  patios, entryways, hallways, lounges, event spaces, dining areas, elevators, and stairwells
  • Weekly cleaning of  office spaces
  • Periodic heavy floor care and window cleaning
  • Reporting building and equipment repairs, as noticed while performing our other duties
  • Cleaning at building entrances
  • Pest and animal control

Custodial Services will perform special services if requested by a department. There is a charge associated with these. Examples include:

  • Any cleaning service in excess of standard frequencies
  • Cleaning of refrigerators, stoves, staff / faculty kitchen areas and special laboratories
  • Room set-ups for functions or events on campus

Contact us with your special cleaning needs by calling on campus:  662.254.3480

Vanlerbilt Dixon
     Custodial Service Manager