The Olympia P. Lowe Education Complex is situated on campus at the intersection of Medgar Evers Street and Dorothy Bowers Avenue. The rectangular shaped Education Complex is the TED’s primary hub of teaching and learning. Classrooms and offices are interspersed throughout the front building and one of the rear wings of theComplex. The facility provides students with access to instruction, advisement,coordination of clinical experiences, the Educational Resource Center, and the academic computer lab.

The TED shares an adjoining rear wing with Continuing Education, Military Science, and Mass Communications. Tucked in one corner of the building, you are apt to hear the sounds of the Delta Blues reverberate from the state-of-the art B.B.King Recording studio. The recent expansion of the University’s television production and FM radio station is dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of world renowned blues musicians.

The facilities provide access to ten classrooms, sixteen offices, two conference rooms, a computer lab, the advisement center, and the education resource center. 

The secondary education programs are located and supported throughout the campus in (1) the Harrison HPER Building (HPER),(2) the Fielding Wright Building (Mathematics and Science Education), (3) the Walter Sillers Fine Arts Building (Music Education), (4) the Industrial Technology Building (English Education), and(5) the W. A. Butts Social Sciences Building (Social Science Education).

MVSU’s Child Development Center(CDC) is located in the L.S. Rogers Building. Child care services are provided to children ranging in age from 2 to 4 years old. Candidates participation in service learning activities at the CDC, provide candidates with additional opportunities to observe and interact with young children.

Mississippi’s Institutions of Higher Education, in conjunction with MS Public Broadcasting Services, supports a state-wide network of compressed interactive video classrooms. The state-wide network of video conference facilities expands the potential to deliver courses to multiple instructional sites throughout the rural geographic region. Courses originate from Itta Bena’s main campus or the satellite sites in Greenville and Greenwood. The option to participate in courses via the video conference network, allows students to attend class at local community colleges or public school classrooms.

In an effort to expand access to educational opportunities MVSU established a satellite site in Greenville, MS - the Greenville Higher Learning Center (GHEC).