Office of Field Experiences

Dr. Kalanya Moore, Director

Office of Field Experiences

Contact: 662-254-3617

Danelle Jackson,Secretary

Contact: 662-254-3613

At Mississippi Valley State University, field and clinical experiences are designed to help candidates become holistic transformers who positively impact teaching and learning in P-12 settings.These field experiences are essential elements in the initial preparation of teacher candidates. The collaboration between the Arts and Science and P-12school partners produces quality experiences for candidates. Varied and diverse experiences for teacher candidates are provided through collaborative relationships with local school districts. Teacher candidates are able to develop and demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and dispositions by completing a specified number of observation/participation hours in classroom settings and12 weeks of student teaching.

Outline of Early Field Experiences

Field Experience Hand Book


Field experiences are required of all candidates enrolled in professional education courses. University and P-12 faculty use rubrics, checklists, and journals to assess and evaluate field experience and clinical practice. Experiences encountered enable graduates to begin their teaching careers as scholars, facilitators and reflective thinkers,and responsible professionals.