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The MBA Program Is Currently Accepting Applications for the Fall 2024 Semester!! The deadline for submission of fully completed Fall 2024 applications has been extended to July 15, 2024 by COB.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree introduces the student to the various functional areas (information technology (IT), human resources, management (strategic), accounting, finance, economics, operations, marketing, including global implications for these functional business areas) required to run a successful small, medium, or large organization or prepares the student to successfully pursue an entrepreneurial venture.  The rigors of an MBA program give the student the opportunity to acquire those managerial skills and competencies needed to efficiently and to effectively manage and to lead an organization or an entrepreneurial venture from a system’s perspective.  The student will, also, learn how these organizational “sides” and “facets” fit together, operating in a synergistic fashion all for the purpose of achieving organizational effectiveness.  In addition, the student will be equipped to aid an organization with creating a sustainable competitive advantage in an ever changing global competitive landscape.  The MVSU School of Graduate Studies does not offer summer school or summer sessions.  

The entire MBA program is 100% online and there is no GMAT or GRE entrance exam. The program requires 30 hours to complete (18 hours of graduate core courses (6 grad courses) and 12 hours of graduate electives (4 grad courses)).  Each graduate course is a 3-credit or 3 hour course.  The maximum number of courses that can be taken per semester is four (12 hours) and the minimum number of courses that can be taken per semester is two (for financial aid purposes) or one course (if not using federal student financial aid).  However, many students choose to take the minimum of two courses per semester.

In addition, the MBA program currently offers one MBA concentration or emphasis; Management. The management concentration or emphasis is comprised of MBA graduate elective courses you will find listed on the MBA academic map.  You can use the concentration to fulfill the 12 hours (four courses) of required MBA electives.  In addition, if graduate students do not desire the management concentration, many students have chosen to mix MBA elective course offerings to fulfill the 12 hours (four courses) of graduate electives. 

For those who do not have a background in business administration, such as an undergraduate business administration degree, there is a list of undergraduate "foundational" business courses that can be taken simultaneously with the graduate courses that will give you a foundation for business administration (See MBA Admissions Requirements Tab for more information).  These courses are a recommendation and you are strongly encouraged to take these courses if you perceive that you will have challenges taking graduate level business courses if you do not have a background in business administration.  Unlike the MBA graduate courses, not all undergraduate foundational courses are offered online.  

The MBA Academic Map tab contains a copy of the MBA academic map (formerly referred to as the curriculum pattern) which contains the listing of the six required core courses (18 hours), a listing of the graduate electives to fulfill the four courses (12 hours) of graduate electives, and a listing of the elective courses for the two emphases mentioned above.  You will be able to use the academic map to keep up with the courses that you will be completing so that “YOU” will know where you stand as you move through the program.  

Once admitted to the university and once admitted to the MBA program, you will have access to your unofficial transcripts to monitor your GPA for the MBA program.  One of the requirements for getting into and being accepted into the MBA program is to have a minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.75.  In addition to satisfying other requirements for acceptance into the MBA program, the GPA requirement that must be maintained to remain in MBA program is a “3.0”.  If your GPA falls below a “3.0” during a semester, you will be put on academic probation for the next semester.  If your GPA does not improve after the following semester, you will be dismissed from the MBA program and you will need to apply to be readmitted back into the program, and you will be placed on academic probation if you are approved for readmission.  Being on academic probation negatively impacts your being able to receive federal student financial aid.  However, there is the opportunity to submit a student appeal (Student Appeals Process--SAP) application to receive federal student financial aid while on academic probation.  As part of the appeals process, there will be a consultation with the MBA coordinator that will need to be completed to address this serious issue and to aid you with getting back on academic track!  Information concerning academic probation, academic dismissal, and academic and financial aid appeals can be found in the 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog on the Academic Affairs website.  If you have additional questions, please contact the coordinator of the MBA program, whose contact information is listed below.  

Dr. Jimmie S. Warren, Sr.
Associate Professor of Management/Strategic Management/Globalization/Leadership Studies
MBA Coordinator
Chair, MVSU Graduate Council
Department of Business Adm. Rm 207
140000 Hwy 82 West
Itta Bena, MS 38941
Phone:  662-254-3604
Office Hours:  8am-5pm (Monday-Friday)


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