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Required total MBA credits:  30-hours (10 courses at 3-hours/course).

Required Core MBA Courses (18-hours):


Managerial Economics


Managerial Accounting


Financial Management


Marketing Management


Operations Management


Strategic Management (MBA Capstone Course)

Note To be registered for the MBA Capstone course, MBA graduate students are required to have completed a combination of at least 21 to 24 hours of first five required core classes and several graduate elective courses (totaling 21-24 hrs).
Note:  To be consider a full time graduate student and for graduate financial aid purposes, you must be enrolled in at least two graduate courses for a semester.  Graduate students are still allowed to be enrolled in just one course per semester, but the cost of the course will be an "out of pocket" expense! 

Required 12-hours of MBA course electives (total of four elective courses), to be chosen from a listing of MBA elective offerings that will be placed on Banner.

BA 601

Managerial Communication

BA 612

Management & Organizational Design Theory

BA 620

Organizational Behavior & Leadership

BA 626

Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance

BA 628

Statistical & Quantitative Methods

BA 630

International Trade, Monetary Theory & Policy

BA 632

Globalization & New Global Economy

BA 633

Investment Strategy

BA 635

Derivatives and Financial Engineering

BA 636

Advertising Management

BA 638

Human Resource Management

BA 644

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

BA 645

Information Technology Management

BA 652

Business Law, Ethics & Dispute Resolution

BA 654

Global Management Issues and Perspectives

BA 656

Topics in Financial Markets

BA 660

Independent Research Project


A Note Concerning Financial Aid and Repeating a Class!!

According to the MVSU Office of Financial Aid, federal student financial aid will not cover any classes that you have taken and have passed.  Financial aid will only pay for classes that you have not taken or will pay for classes that you have previously taken and actually failed and are wanting to repeat these classes.  If you are taking six or more hours, financial aid will only pay for the first six hours (two courses) that you have not previously taken or that you actually failed.  If you add another course or three hours to your existing six hours (two courses) and this is a course that you actually previously took and passed, then, this will not negatively affect your financial aid. 

So, again, if you are taking, say, nine hours and six of those nine hours are courses that you have not taken or that you actually failed and want to repeat, financial aid will cover these six hours. The third course of the nine hours could actually be a course that you have actually passed (with a letter grade of D, C, or B {for financial aid purposes}), but want to repeat this passed course to get a higher letter grade; this will not negatively impact your financial aid.  So, if you want to repeat a course that you have taken and have passed, the course has to part of at least nine hours for a semester and six of the nine hours must be courses that you have not taken or must be courses that you have actually taken and did not pass.   However, for the summer terms, graduate students are only allowed to take six hours in order for financial aid to cover the six hours.  None of the six hours can be courses that you have taken and have passed.  Again, in order for financial aid to cover courses, the first six hours must be courses that you have not taken or must be courses that you have previously taken and did not pass or a combination of both scenarios.  Please contact a Financial Aid Counselor at 662-254-3767 if there are additional questions. Contact me, your MBA graduate advisor, if you are wanting to repeat a class. 

Note:  No MBA students are to register themselves for MBA graduate classes as the MBA Coordinator is responsible for registering all MBA students for classes!  Please follow the instructions below to choose your classes.  If there are questions, you can contact the MBA Coordinator (Dr. Warren), or simply send to the MBA Coordinator an email with your questions and concerns, or if you are on the campus, you can simply stop by the Department of Business Administration. (See details below)! 

All MBA students are registered for their courses by the MBA coordinator, no exceptions!  As the MBA coordinator and as the MBA graduate advisor, I am requiring that all students are to participate "administratively" in their MBA journey as you are participating, academically.  This means that the student will be responsible for choosing their courses (once they have viewed the available course listings for the respective term/session on Banner).  This can be done without having to actually log onto Banner.  Once you have chosen your courses, you will send to me in an email the names of the courses of your choice and I will register these courses for you.  This will be for documentation and records purposes that the student has given permission to register them for their chosen courses. 

Proxy (Student Signatures) Permission Statement 

Because the MBA program is 100% and fully online, there are documents that need student signatures such as the Class Schedule Adjustment or Drop/Add forms that are used to document and to register courses for students with the MVSU Office of Student Records.  This requirement of student signatures in this kind of online environment can be inconvenient for many students who live out of state or for many students who might live within the state of Mississippi, but, live many hours away from the MVSU campus.  So, as the MBA coordinator, I can sign proxy for students on those documents needing their student signature, I just require something in writing from the student giving me permission to sign proxy for them for those kinds of documents.  The narrative statement has to be plainly stated, similar to this: "I give, Dr. Warren, permission to sign, on my behalf, the Class Schedule Adjustment or Drop/Add form associated with course registration for the term or semester in question".  This will be for documentation purposes and records, also.  You will not be registered for courses until you provide this "permission proxy narrative" with your course choices in your email!    

Note:  If you do not wish to provide this permission narrative and you wish to sign the Class Schedule Adjustment or Drop/Add form with your own or personal "wet" signature, you can simply and properly fill out the form (name and courses), sign it and date it and email the form to me.  Again, the form must be properly filled in and signed and dated or I will return the document back to you to be corrected.  

Now, if you have questions about the course choices such as "...which MBA electives should I take", this is where you would either send me an email with this question or you can simply call me and I will advise you on this matter.  The MBA core courses are not electives and they will be taken by "ALL" MBA students during their tenure within the MBA program.  However, not all MBA graduates will take the same electives as the MBA electives are courses that are geared more toward a "personalization" or geared more toward the specific interests or emphasis of the individual student.  This is where an MBA student might need advising to aid with making the best choice for which MBA electives they should take.  It will all be based on the MBA graduate's specific individual interest beyond or in addition to the MBA core courses.  There is no specific sequence for taking the first five core MBA classes; however, you can only take what is being offered for a particular semester or particular summer term.  Graduate classes are not offered during Winter Term sessions. The classes that you will be taking will be on the learning management system (LMS) Canvas and you will need to contact Mr. George Huntley (662-299-1220 or 662-254-3624)  to be given your Canvas login credentials.  In addition, we are requiring all students to have and to start using an email address.  Upon joining the MVSU MBA program, you will need to contact the MVSU IT department to get this established. 

Instructions on how to view the current class or course listings for a particular term without having to log onto Banner!!

1) Go to the home page.

2) Hover your mouse cursor over the "Academics" heading from the list of title headings below the MVSU name/logo.

3) Under this title heading (Academics), find the sub-title "Academic Year".

4) Under the "Academic Year" sub-title, click on the link "Semester Schedule of Classes".

5) Next, on the "Dynamic Schedule" page, in the drop down window, click on the term for which you are looking, and click                submit.

6) Next, on the "Class Schedule Search", you should see all of the departmental programs in a window.  Find the department        program of your choice (Department of Business or Accounting) and click on that department and click the "Class Search" tab (at the bottom) and look to see what graduate courses are listed for that department.  Undergraduate and graduate classes will all be listed on the same page.  However, remember, all graduate classes start with the number designation "600".   

Once you have chosen at least two graduate courses, send these to me in an email with the names of your chosen courses and I will register them for you.  By this, you are giving the MBA Coordinator permission to register you for your chosen classes and this given permission will be documented!  In addition, you will provide in the same email, giving me permission to sign, on your behalf (proxy), the Drop/Add form/document that is associated with course registration.  You could choose a combination of any two courses or any combination of three courses from the course listing.  You should be able to click on each of the classes to see the number of available seats, also.  You will not be able to register for the MBA capstone course (BA 655) if you have not taken at least 21 to 24 hours of a mixture of the first five required MBA core courses and several MBA graduate electives (totaling 21-24 hrs).  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me.

The Capstone Course Concept (BA 655):  A Synergistic and Integrative Approach!

The capstone concept or capstone course is a course that assesses a student’s ability to integrate (in this case, at the graduate level) all of the information and knowledge from coursework to which they have been exposed, in a synergistic manner, to produce and to actualize possible solutions to challenges that impact the discipline or degree area; in this case, the competitive and ever-changing business environment.  This is done (for the MVSU MBA capstone course) via assignments that include graduate level written paper assignments (individual and group or team) and via the student’s ability to articulate their thoughts a logical, informative, insightful, and meaningful manner that is free of ambiguity and not open to misinterpretation.  In the capstone course, MBA students will draw on the various business disciplines (at the graduate level) of marketing for managers, economics for managers, finance for managers (including some investment concepts), accounting for managers, operations management, globalization concepts and some HR concepts. 

The MBA capstone course, BA 655, is a heavy writing emphasis course that focuses on the graduate student being able to communicate their thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner that has scholarly, academic, and practical application, again, free of non-professional writing errors.  Because the MBA program is a 100% online professional level graduate business program, graduate level online classroom activities, also, include responding to and answering online discussion questions and responding to and discussing the responses of their graduate colleagues; all in the online or virtual classroom environment.  Students will be in, almost, constant communication with their online classmates or colleagues.  MBA graduate students will be tasked with taking all of the knowledge to which they have been exposed during their tenure in the MBA program and demonstrating that they are able to critically think about the challenges that organizations face and that they are able to put forth solutions that can address these organizational challenges in a dynamic and ever-changing competitive environment. 


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