Career Paths


If you are in Speech Communication most communication industry jobs are open to you.  From speechwriter or spokesperson to communication specialist, you will have many opportunities available.  Best of all, the courses you take will help guide you through your professional and personal life by giving you the skills to become an effective communicator.  You will develop an understanding of how human communication works between and among people, how relationships begin, grow and die, how your face, body, and voice communicate even when you don’t mean to, and learn to appreciate many explanations why humans communicate the way they do.


You have to take electives.  Theater minor requires 18 hours of course work.  That’s, six classes will earn you a minor in theater.  Since you must have electives, why not one in theater?  It is fun and easy to do because we act everyday.  You will experience being on the stage facing an audience in the plays that you will do.  Or you might be behind the scenes, directing the show.  You will learn to design sets, lights, and may even try your hand in writing your own play.  So why not come and join the few, the proud, and the dramatic—The Baymon Players.