Journalism (JO)

Journalism is one of the most rewarding and important careers available to bright and well educated individuals. Most beginning journalists head into reporting, but newspapers also seek new talent as photographers, artists, copy editors, computer experts, librarians, and other specialists. Today, the newspaper industry is actively seeking minority applicants, and there are numerous scholarships available nationwide.

The journalism program at MVSU offers you an opportunity to experience state-of-the-art industry practices on campus through use of computers and other equipment. The Delta Devil’s Gazette, the award winning campus newspapers, which captured the

First Place in the American Scholastic Press Association competition 1989 through 1993, serves the university community, as well as providing hands-on experience for the students.

The Delta Devil’s Gazette has many staff positions. Writers and photographers can be on journalism scholarship or work study. Join us, if you want to expand your horizons and study journalism.



 Curriculum Pattern