Broadcasting (BR)

Broadcast Communication at Mississippi Valley State University is the key for opening doors to careers in a variety of media. A specialty in Broadcast Communications means students may begin careers at radio and television stations, advertising agencies, public relations firms, cable television operations, corporate media, US military (Armed Forces Radio and Television Services), the Department of State (Voice of America), commercial international broadcasters, program providers, and production companies.

At MVSU, broadcast majors take courses that allow them to understand and appreciate the history of the medium, to explore important current issues facing broadcasters, and to gain a firm understanding of government rules and regulations that pertain to their medium. Other courses allow students the opportunities to gain hands-on experience with broadcast equipment through labs and involvement with the University radio and television. Students will gain knowledge in a script writing, commercial writing, and Broadcast Journalism. Students who specialize in Broadcast Communication from MVSU will be well equipped to start careers in the industry or begin graduate studies in the discipline.




 Curriculum Pattern