The Department of Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences at Mississippi Valley State University is housed in the Fielding L. Wright (FLW)Science Complex and the Science and Mathematics (Old Classroom) Building. The FLW Science Complex is designed to meet the needs of education and research in the sciences. Facilities are well-equipped for the current offerings leading to baccalaureate degrees.

General Classrooms

  • Classrooms provide a more traditional learning environment

Digital Classrooms

  • Room 104 - Classroom Instruction with technology assistants & devices
  • Room 105 - Classroom Instruction with technology assistants

Computer Laboratories

  • Room 108 - Classroom Instruction and Math Tutoring (Math Lab)
  • Room 128 - Open Lab to MCIS majors & students taking MA/CS classes
  • Room 141 - Classroom Instruction
  • Room 208 - Classroom Instruction
  • Room 210 - GIS Lab used for Classroom Instruction