Message from the Chair

Dear MCIS Student,

As the chair of the Mathematics, Computer & Information Sciences (MCIS) department, I would like to be among the first to welcome you to the world of higher education and the start of the rest of your life. You have taken a great step forward in your academic career by attending Mississippi Valley State University and pursuing an undergraduate degree in mathematics, mathematics education or computer science. We are excited that you have made “The Valley” your college of choice.

The MCIS department will assist in your transition to the University to guide you to your destination, which is GRADUATION. Our motto is “If you work hard for the next four years, you will be set for life.” We will also provide you with that home away from home feeling during your stay at the University.

We foresee another productive and rewarding academic year serving our students, our profession,and our community. Our goal is to continuously refine our academic programs to keep our graduates competitive in this ever changing world. Students of the departments are exposed to a number of exciting experiences and have made some major accomplishments. We look forward to adding your name to this impressive list. 

Additionally, we understand that you may require additional assistance academically to matriculate through our rigorous programs. MCIS faculty and students provide tutoring sessions where you are able to get your needs resolved. This requires you to be an active learner and participate in tutorial sessions and other departmental functions. My office is always open. Please feel free to stop by if needed.

Again thank you for your interest in the Department of Mathematics, Computer &Information Sciences. We have great plans for your future and look forward to you becoming a MCIS major!

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Latonya Garner, PhD
Chair, Mathematics, Computer & Information Sciences