The Career Services Center invites both students and alumni to participate in our annual networking conferences. These conferences help alumni and students learn about different career options, job market trends and career development skills.

Youth Motivation Task Force (YMTF) Conference

The primary goal of this three-dayconference is to expose students to diverse career opportunities and the real world experiences of seasoned professionals. During this conference students will have the opportunity to meet with career professionals during informal classroom visits, luncheons, and assemblies featuring motivational speakers.

International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) Conference

An annual career day is hosted on campus to provide training and mentoring for students interested in the security industry. This interactive workshop is designed to help students transition from college to the professional world. Students are also provided with an opportunity to interview to attend IOBSE’s Annual Spring Conference which allows students to network directly with a variety of security executives and apply in person for internship and employment opportunities

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