Department of Teacher Education

  Early Childhood Education Course Syllabus    

EC 106: Developmental Preceptives of the Family

EC 200: Org,Theory & Practice

Ec 205: Nutrition for the Young Child

EC 302: Human Growth & Dev.

EC 305 : Data Analysis, Assessment and Evaluations

EC308: Language Development

EC 310: Principles of ECE

EC 312:Adapting Lrg Env.

EC 313: Child Care Administration

EC 314: Day Care Procedures

EC 316:Guid & Mgmnt. for the Learning Env.


EC 401: Early Intervention Strategies

EC404: Creative Arts

EC 400: Methods of Instructions

EC463: Practicum Experience

ED 201: Foundations in Edu.


Undergraduate Elementary Education Course Syllabus

ED 102: General Psychology

ED 105: Education Computing

ED 280: Introduction to Teaching

ED 302: Edu. Psychology

ED 305: Test and Measurement

ED 312: Methods and Material for Teaching Science

ED 393: Global and Multicultural Education

ED 404:Method/Materials/SS



Reading Course syllabus

RD 214:Early Literacy I

RD 303: Reading & Phonics

RD: 310: Early Literacy II

RD 411: Reading Assessment and Intervention

RD 413:Methods/Mater/Tchg LA/Lit


Graduate level Course Syllabus

ED 503: Test and Measurement

ED 502:Classroom Management

ED 508: Curriculum Development

ED 512: Technology for Teachers

ED 520: Reading in Elem Sch.

ED 521: Children's Literature in Elementary Reading Program

ED 528: Language and Communication Arts

ED 540: Effective Teaching Strategies