MVSU Alum Soars in New Position with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)

October 31, 2022


Mississippi Valley State University Alum, Kristopher Bond, has been doing great things since graduating from MVSU in May of 2022.  

The former MVSU Student Government Association President is now working as the Logistics Management Specialist for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) in Maryland. 

In this position, Bond’s duty is to provide logistics support to the Additive Manufacturing Program of the Naval Air Systems Command to get the machines to the Navy bases. The fleet includes Naval Air Stations and Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons.  

The Navy introduced a capability that will support fleet and marine corps to aid Naval Aviation. The purpose of the capability is to print parts in 3D as needed, which means if a part of the aircraft breaks down, the replacement part can be created and printed quickly and safely. 

Bond credits MVSU for preparing him for this opportunity. “This is a truly great opportunity to work for the Department of Navy within the Department of Defense. MVSU has prepared me these last four years with both quality education and quality networking experience. I am proud to say that I am a Valley Alum everywhere I go,” said Bond. 

He hopes that his opportunity opens the eyes of many other MVSU students to encourage them to pursue great avenues after graduating. “I also want this opportunity to be an encouragement to current students at Valley. There are Alums that sat in those same seats that you have. These people from Valley have done great things. Why can’t the next person be you?” said Bond.