Primary Emergency Procedures


In case of emergency, first call Campus Police at 254-2700.

When calling, remain calm and carefully explain the problem and location to the dispatcher. Do not hang up until told to do so.

Take responsibility for the people and environment aroud you; students, faculty, staff-it is better to account for people in an emergency if you stay together and organize an appropriate response.

Evaculate together- your work area and the building, if appropriate.

Determine who will notify the designated emergency administrative spokeperson or other MVSU staff depending upon the nature of the emergency.


Pull a fire alarm to activate the fire alarm system. A continuous horn will sound the alarm.

All individuals will exit through the door designated in the evacution procedures posted in each building. Do not return to the building.

Notify Campus Police and they will in turn contact the Fire Department.

The building should not be re-entered until the proper authorities can determine an "all clear."