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Department of Social Sciences
W.A. Butts Social Science Building

Dr. Richard Mushi
Chair, Associate Professor of Public Administration

Coordinator, Rural Public Policy and Planning
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Faculty and Staff Directory

Dr. John Hamilton Bradford Adjunct Professor john.bradford.mvsu@gmail.com (662) 254-3352
Dr. Elizabeth Evans Adjunct Professor edevans@mvsu.edu (662) 254-3352
Dr. Kathryn Green Professor klgreen@mvsu.edu (662) 254-3362
Ms. Brittany Gray Adjunct Instructor brittanygray1345@gmail.com (662) 254-3352
Dr. Cassie Osborne Professor cosborne@mvsu.edu (662) 254-3876
 Dr. Theresa Rash Assistant Professor tvrash@mvsu.edu (622) 254-3014
Dr. Micah Rueber Associate Professor micahrueber@gmail.com (662) 254-3358
Dr. Kathie Stromile Golden Professor kstromile@aol.com 662-254-3800
Dr. Cassie Sade Turnipseed Adjunct Professor cassie.turnipseed@mvsu.edu (662) 254-3352
Attorney Neysha Sanders Assistant Professor neyshasanders@aol.com (662) 254-3352
Dr. Cassandra Hawkins Adjunct Professor cassandra.hawkins@mvsu.edu (662) 254-3352
Ms. Brenda Jordan Administrative Assistant brenda.jordan@mvsu.edu (662) 254-3352
Dr. Earlean Anderson Adjunct Professor eander2@mvsu.edu (662) 254-3352
Ms. Brittany A. Nicole Davis Adjunct Instructor brittany.d.green@mvsu.edu (662) 254-3352
Dr. Emmit Riley Adjunct Professor eyriley3rd@gmail.com (662) 254-3352
Ms. Carmela Staten Adjunct Instructor carmela@mvsu.edu (662) 254-3649
Mrs. Niqua Brooks Adjunct Instructor nqgraham@yahoo.com (662) 254-3352
Mr. Mark Seard Adjunct Instructor mseard@hotmail.com (662) 254-3352